Crucible Moments, The only way to develop product intuition, and Saying no.
The best thing studying computer science gave me, The Three-Body Problem, and am I right?

February 2023

Tidbits this week include: the desire to be right, the curse of perfect, and the root of ambition
Prioritize until it hurts, and how design will change
This week’s tidbits: 1) The 2 Flavors of Motivation 2) Why It’s Hard to Diagnose Ineffective Executives Quickly 3) Why There is No Absolute Truth 4) If…

January 2023

Tidbits from the past week
Start-up lessons, the importance of self-honesty, raw journals, pitching products.

December 2022

How we err, and how we must learn.

November 2022

How to think of our careers during layoffs + why the promise of data is better than its reality.

November 2021

Humbling stories, market dynamics, right playbooks at the wrong times, and other threads.

October 2021

What I wish the little voice in my head would say, and other threads

September 2021

August's weekly threads, in one tiny e-mail