The Looking Glass: If someone's gonna do it, why not you?

What I wish the little voice in my head would say, and other threads

Hello readers,

It’s decorative gourd season, mf-ers! Also the start of Q4 which for many teams means the start of holiday seasonality or planning for next year. I hope you find plenty of optimism among the chaos!

When I look back at my posts the last month, a similar theme comes through loud and clear: the practical ways to remind oneself that this can be done, even when it feels fuzzy and full of shadows. Enjoy!

What I wish the little voice in my head would say

Otherwise known as the mantras of growth and self-compassion.

Why I am obsessed with strawman proposals

Which, confusingly, is different from strawman arguments.

The Ladder of Ownership

As in a video game, every eventual CEO must travel and master all of these levels.

What is Meant by a “Data-Informed Culture”

As well as its various misconceptions.

(Also, this is a semantic nitpick, but certain things—like a recommendation algorithm—should be “data-driven,” as in, the decisions are wholly made by data.

Team cultures / product decisions should probably *never* be “data-driven.” After all, there’s such a thing as taking smart leaps of faith and acting with good common sense.)

Have a marvelous October!