The Looking Glass: All About Execution

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It’s nice to see people again. It’s nice to do some work again in person

I’m deep in the muddy waters of execution, aka the “actually doing” part after you make a plan, so a lot of the past month’s threads are practical little guides: questions to ask, balls to juggle, reminders to jot down.

Without further adieu…

Good Execution vs. Bad Execution

What does it mean, really, to be excellent at “executing”?

Common Design Mistakes I Am Extremely Guilty Of

… and am therefore terribly sensitive about.

All Kinds of Conflicting Advice about Product Development

The punchline is that everything depends on context, so don’t get too attached to anyone’s field guides, yours truly’s included.

How To Become A Way Better Design Critiquer

Hint: fewer off-the-cuff opinions; more questions.

How To Become A Way Better Metrics Critiquer

I consider this really really important and it’s something I wish more product builders paid close attention to, even those who don’t consider themselves data people (*ahem* many designers).

Until next month: stay cool, stay safe.