The Cost of Self-Improvement

August's weekly threads, in one tiny e-mail

Hello dear readers,

It’s the end of a weird summer; yet, life marches on. I have a first grader now, and sent her off on her first day of school wearing a uniform and a smile underneath a mask. On the work front, our team has been diving into the deep end of the feedback pool—from interviewing our network to doing our first round of peer 360 feedback, from customer sessions to prospective client calls. Fertile ground for learning new insights about our space as well as the way we learn—this month’s themes.

Why you should always show in-progress work

Show it. Get feedback. Even if you think it sucks and wish you could keep tweaking it for far longer in the silent comfort of your isolated mountain hut.

The Power of Searching for your Unk-Unks

Far easier to say than “unknown-unknowns,” and cuter sounding too (I imagine them as soot sprites from My Neighbor Totoro).

When you write off someone as ‘this person is bad at their job,’ your assumptions are probably incorrect

Can you peel back the layers to understand what’s really going on?

The Price of Greatness

A reminder whenever you think to yourself, “If only I were as skilled at/or as well-connected as amazing athlete/superstar/founder/investor Y, life would be so easy…”

Here’s to a lovely entrance into PSL season.